Toyota RAV4 Hybrid

If we’re all individuals, why does advertising treat us all the same? We took it upon ourselves to change that. So to prove the RAV4 Hybrid is just as unique as you are, we made 100,000 videos—one custom video for almost every RAV4 Hybrid to be sold. At 100K individualized targeted messages, this is one of the world’s most personalized video campaigns.

  • Role Head of Creative, Cloneless
  • For Toyota | Saatchi & Saatchi LA
  • Type Video / Facebook (100,000 unique videos!)

The campaign uses data to scale personalization, with each spot built from three clips pulled from the collection of 100 interchangeable clips to reflect a Facebook user’s specific interests while also highlighting the RAV4’s product attributes.

The campaign is an example of how savvy marketers are looking to create content that addresses the unique characteristics of mobile and social. In fact, here’s what Sheryl Sandberg had to say about the campaign when several hundred personalized messages went out.

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“The majority of Facebook consumption is done through mobile devices,” said Chris Pierantozzi, creative director at Saatchi & Saatchi LA. “So we crafted a campaign that took into the considerations of not just the platform, but also the delivery mechanism.

“Everyone is unique, why tell everyone the same thing?”

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