Domino's Pizza Hero

Domino’s Pizza Hero App. Was it just a pizza game, a sneak preview of the future of online ordering, or a stealthy way to recruit the best pizza makers in the country?

Maybe it was all three.

  • Role Executive Producer
  • For Domino’s Pizza, Crispin Porter + Bogusky
  • Type Mobile Game / (Secret) Recruitment Tool

People who lack vision might call Pizza Hero a mere video game.

If they do, they’re seeing only a slice of—no joke—what could be an extraordinary development in our society. We are talking about Pizza Hero, a pizza-making video game from Domino’s that can be downloaded for free on the iPad. But we are also talking about so much more.

We are talking about a piece of software that could change how the American labor force finds work. And, if not that, it might at least change the way we order our pizzas.

Pizza Hero is ostensibly a simple pizza-making video game. The player’s goal is to make pizzas quickly and tidily. You rub your fingers on the screen of an iPad to roll some dough. You slide your fingers in a few more circles to spread the sauce, then sprinkle some cheese with the tap of your fingertips. You poke toppings into place. Finally, you put the thing in the oven (bonus points if you shove your iPad forward while you do this… again, I’m not joking; they programmed that in there.)